Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kiss and make-up time

Will she wreck the party? Venture on an ego-driven third party challenge? Take her ball and go home?

Apparently not. For Obama supporters it's easy--and maybe kinda fun--to think ill of Hillary Rodham Clinton. But she seems to be moving on in a classy way. This is good, because the real nemesis is still coming up.

I'm not entirely optimistic about this year's election. In terms of who can be elected President, the biggest outlier in US history was an Irish Catholic, and he won in a squeaker. (Many insist that he cheated.) So race could be a dealbreaker, as could other things. And an Obama victory in and of itself wouldn't guarantee anything.

And yet this is a positive step. Do I expect an honest and open election? Hell no. But I think the ideal of open dialogue is at least coming back into style.

And Michelle Obama also strikes me as the most appealing political spouse of my lifetime. Time will tell if this is just one of my eccentricities.

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