Sunday, February 17, 2008

So Iran

Yes indeed, I saw Persepolis this weekend. Truth to tell, it was a little hard to read. The subtitles, that is, which were white against a mostly black & white contrasty background. If I'd waited for the English dubbing... But that would probably just be later on video, and anyway would the translators have gotten it down?

Because I have no other complaints. This is easily worth seeing. The humane look at Marjane's family. The puppet shows done within the contrast of the cartoon. Hell, the fact that they found something new to do with cel animation, when Hollywood is treating the form as something rusted out that needs to be discarded.

I also think it's neat to see the young Marjane rebelling against the state to Iron Maiden. This despite the fact that I've always preferred Judas Priest. And now you know my answer to another great question of our time.


susan said...

Glad you got to see it - sounds cool but I think we'll wait for dvd of this one. Easier to read tricky subtitles on a smaller screen.

Ben said...

And if all else fails you can backtrack to the start of the scene.