Monday, February 25, 2008

Gimp my pimp

While I have no plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary stage of the election, I have to agree with Indiana blogger Doghouse Riley on the icky self-pity of MSNBC's David Shuster. According to his Wikipedia article, Shuster is supposed to be, like, a journalist or something. So even if he can use words for effect, shouldn't there be some kind of point behind them? Instead of accusing the Clinton's of pimping Chelsea by putting her on the campaign trail, then giggling like a schoolgirl? As pointed out then, Jenna and Barb have campaigned for their dad too. And they're twins, for those who swing that way.

DHR goes on to say:
Hey, and while we're at it, a big Doghouse Riley digital steamer to the A-list "lefty" bloggers who, having complained for eight years about what the dreaded Em Ess Em had done to this country, announced that D-Shoe was just guilty of being too honest in his choice of expression.

Again, that's pretty much on target. The right-wing media is starting to wake up to the fact that Barack, not Hillary, is the enemy of the moment. Now's not the time for one of the two to throw the other to the wolves.

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