Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eager for it

As you probably know tragedy struck a few hours ago in Waukegan, IL. It doesn't seem to have been as tragic as it could have been, as no deaths have thus far been reported. Nonetheless, rattling.

Wandering around the Interweb, I was curious to know how many people had jumped to certain conclusions. After all, I had considered the possibility of a terrorist crime of opportunity. My conclusion was that it was less likely than a gas leak (which seems to have been the real culprit), or for that matter a poorly maintained meth lab, but not out of the question. So it might be a popular theory.

Haven't seen much so far. The first of the above-linked blogposts was the nuttiest. (Slightly OT, why is there a "Blogs 4 Brownback." Didn't he fold before the race even started?) But I think some xenophobes are going to hold onto this one, and try to use it to get converts. Pictures and diagrams of leaky gas pipes won't affect that. There are people who want to be at war, and at war with a huge chunk of the world. It's exciting. It casts away doubt. Most of these people don't volunteer to be on the front lines, but they like to think they already are.

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