Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Get well Marie

i just added (Pen-)Elayne Riggs to the elite blogroll. She earned her place with this worrisome but glad-I-know tidbit on Marie Severin. Severin is one of the relatively unsung hero(in)es of the comics worls. She started out inking and coloring at EC Comics, where brother John Severin also worked. Later at Marvel she became a penciller in her own right. She's had fantastic runs on both Sub-Mariner and Doctor Strange. If your track down the Batman Black and White
graphic collection, you can see her interesting take on the Caped Crusader. Hopefully she knows her fans are pulling for her.

As to the Randi Rhodes story, it appears that she was not assaulted. This is good, although I still hope she has a good reconstructive dentist on hand. Rhodes' colleagues, and some bloggers, jumped to some bad conclusions vis-a-vis right wing conspiracy. On t'other hand, a few right wing bloggers showed some ugly streaks of schadenfreude. So no one comes out covered in glory.

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