Saturday, August 25, 2007

Well there you go

This post results from the event having happened right after I logged into Blogger.

Moths. They're related to butterflies, but didn't get the looks. And frankly, having a butterfly in your apartment would get pretty old toot sweet as well. So, as you figure, a moth hanging around your place is rather annoying.

Now, everyone knows that moths are attracted to light. So, common sense would seem to tell you that they'd find their way out by themselves. After all, you can just leave your lights off. During the daytime, it will be brighter outside. At night, there are streetlights and the lights on other people's houses. So Mr Moth will get bored and leave, right?

Wrong. The poor dull saps don't seem to have that much in the way of distance vision. So this one big ass moth had been in my bathroom for several days. The bathroom is usually dark. I generally don't even turn the lights on to take a shower. Tonight it left the bathroom, apparently disturbed when I used the toilet for what a toilet is used for. A while later, I noticed it was chilling on the wall over my CD player. This had gone on long enough.

Since you can't count on them leaving on their own, you have basically two options. One is to kill it. Problem is, if you swing a magazine at the moth and you miss, or don't hit it hard enough, you've just pissed it off. And while it can't really do anything to you, an agitated moth will be more annoying to you as well.

The other option is catch-release. Luckily, this is fairly easy. If you have an empty plastic food container and a lid, you're ready to go. Just wait until it's resting on some flat surface--wall or ceiling, say--or just near it. Bring the container down. Keep the lid steady, right near it. Silde the container over the lid, and seal it.

You then have a captured moth. You want to let it go outside. Best to go at least a block from where you live. Don't want it just circling around and going back through your window. Look for a streetlight, or a store that keeps some lights on after closing. Just to be on the safe side.

Here, we give you the household hints that Eloise is afraid of.

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