Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blog on the way, not quite here yet

On the off chance that someone is actually reading this:

Yeah, still in development hell. But not on the Hollywood schedule. So I'll have substantive posts up soon. Just sort of worked out how to log in, for one thing.

But here's something. The other day, I had just finished grocery shopping. I was walking from the supermarket to the bus stop, when I saw a dead duck by the road.

Now, I don't think there was a pond that close by. So this fella or gal must have done some flying. But it also struck me that this is another human convention that animals don't follow.: dying in private. Just like they'll take a piss or f__k* their mate anywhere, no matter who's watching, they'll drop and croak pretty much the same way. Guess it kind of takes the pressure off.

Nevertheless, seeing a cute animal gathering flies is upsetting. And maybe moreso with birds. Unconsciously, I think my reaction was "What are you doing dead down here? You were doing so well up there?"

That's sort of why I picked the blogname "Flying Totems." There's a vague theme of looking up to things: beauty, goodness, etc. What's behind it. How do you protect the things and people you admire, at least for yourself?

That sounds heavy and portentous, but most of the time here I'll be kind of messing around. And occasionally, if I'm lucky, it might be funny as well.

*Still figuring out how much cussing I'll allow or deny myself on this blog. But you know what I meant.

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