Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Saying goodnight

I heard a Burns and Allen routine recently, which of course tickled me. So I looked back for more. I found something where George and Gracie have been one-upping each other into who can more convincingly act like they're going to commit suicide. Which if you describe it to anyone will sound like you made it up, but no, here's proof.

The curious thing is that it still plays out like Burns and Allen.


susan said...

"Those arsenics, they stick in your teeth."

It's great that the magic of youtube allows those of us who were
there the first time to remember and those who came a bit later
to enjoy the sheer genius of Burns and Allen.

Ben said...

That is a great, throwaway line.

Funny thing is when I was a kid, I knew George Burns, but Gracie Allen was a kind of rumor. So in a way she's more present now than she was then. Of course even in when everything is at our fingertips, you still have to go looking for her.