Monday, September 5, 2016

Made the sixties what they are today

Thought of this scene today and had to go back and look. It's surprisingly visceral. Like, even in New York in the seventies, I imagine that passersby who saw a guy in a trench coat choking a woman would be concerned.

Making Stockholm syndrome funny is hard work.


susan said...

This was very funny and you're right about it being very intense. Before SNL, long before, Alan Funt had a show in New York called 'Candid Camera'. I looked for this episode and was lucky to find it - very memorable and also very vivid. It seems to me people in general were much more interesting before media narcissism became the rage.

Ben said...

I'd seen that excerpt before, I believe on the comedy news website Splitsider. It's fun to see it again, though. The stenographer's reaction, her expressions and the like, is priceless.

It is difficult unto impossible to engage people in comedy when you can't get their attention.