Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Big fun

This is so weird.  I'm used to big city mayors keeping it together, more or less.

Sure, Marion Barry smoked crack, but he was basically your average urban mechanic Democrat, only with a few different hobbies.  Plus, when he came back and got elected again, didn't he promise to cut down?

Rudy Giuliani maintained the façade of a happy home life through most of his two terms.  He also didn't embrace the nastier philosophies of the pre-Tea Republican party until he was out of Gracie Mansion and running for president.  Deep down he probably doesn't believe in anything.

And those guys are down here in the US of A.  Everybody thinks of Canada as the sensible and polite little brother.  Even me, and I was born there.

So, like, what the fuck?  Rob Ford is such a strange mixture of right wing whack job and personal hot mess.  But apparently he still has a lot of support.  Is this whole thing a sitcom pitch that got out of control?


susan said...

Next to Rob Ford both Marion Barry and Buddy Cianci look like Stoic philosophers. Although the scandal has turned into an international one I have no real understanding of the background. What I do know is that Metro Toronto expanded very fast into taking over what had previously been separate cities with their own municipal governments. There was bound to be resentment.

Ben said...

That's an interesting point about the separate towns being sort of shanghaied together to make up modern Toronto. I suppose that if some residents feel they've been disrespected, they may not be too concerned about embarrassment felt by the cosmopolitan natives of Toronto proper.