Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cash of civilizations

So if self-appointed consultants are feeding our law-enforcement personnel a lot of hyped up myths; and if these same law-enforcers are encouraged to single out and harass a specific minority group; and say, if this group finds they have every reason to fear and distrust said law enforcement: Put all these things together and only good things can result, right?

When I look at the life of Muhammad, I get a very nasty image,” said Kharoba, pausing to look around the auditorium. The audience was silent. “I am talking about a pedophile, a serial killer, a rapist,” Kharoba said. “And that is just to start off with.

“Anyone who says that Islam is a religion of peace,” he continued, “is either ignorant or flat out lying.”

Frustration seemed to be burning in the air, and a cop—looking grim, anguished—spoke up. “From a law enforcement standpoint, what can we do?” he asked. “What do we do to deal with these people?”

“The best way to handle these people is what I call legal harassment,” Kharoba answered. “Start to identify who is coming into your area.” Go to the DMV and see who has applied for a driving license. Look at the owners of convenience stores. Corner stores are one of the principal ways Hezbollah launders money in the United States, he said. (The claim is not true.) “You only need one precedent,” Kharoba said. “Health inspectors, alcohol trade officers, these guys can turn a convenience store upside down without a warrant.”

What kills me is that we just had an election that was dominated by alleged "fiscal conservatives", and the whole economy is supposed to go on a crash diet. These counterterrorism guys actually are dining out on our dime, and they're untouchable.


susan said...

Well, that was a pretty sick article (and I mean that in the old fashioned definition). It seems to me that in a more open society than this one has become the guy never would have made it through the entrance.

Ben said...

Yeah, I figured you didn't mean "sick" in the skater sense. But yeah, the guy's hidden agenda(s) should be pretty easy to spot.