Sunday, March 13, 2011

Buggin' out

In Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There, a gnat hips Alice up on the insect life of Looking-Glass Land (not Wonderland). There's the Rocking-Horsefly, the Snap-Dragonfly, et al. The above insect made from old ammunition and watch parts seems to exist on the same fantastical plane as Carroll's bugs.

More on it and others like it here. The artist has come up with the most brilliant use for his technical skills.


susan said...

Talk about creative recycling - these are really beautiful. Not that I could afford one but I couldn't help but notice they were all either sold or marked NFS. Who could blame him for keeping all of them. It's not as if they'd take up much space :-)

susan said...

Here's an online comic I found that might interest you.

Ben said...

Yeah, I did notice on the artist's site that nothing is for sale. Which may mean that he gets specially commissioned to make new ones. Anyway, I'm fine enjoying them from afar.

And "Ectopiary" looks amazing. It's got wonderful hand-drawn art. I expect that I'll have to read more of it before the story really clicks, but it doesn't look like a bad use of time.