Friday, January 22, 2010

The simple, humble Friday Random Ten

Sort of estimating the early parts of the list here. I know I heard the songs, if it was in this exact order is educated guesswork. I forgot the piece of paper on which I was keeping track, so, you know. And I know that's not an especially grave problem at this particular point in histroy. Just giving context.

1. Ry Cooder--Little Sister
2. Regina Carter--Sticks & Stones (Sticks)
3. Nancy Wilson--My One and Only Love
4. Yuka Honda--Schwaltz
5. Devo--Uncontrollable Urge
6. The New Pornographers--Myriad Harbour
7. The Bonzo Dog Band--Mr. Apollo
8. Hugo Winterhalter--Blue December
9. Talk Talk--Give It Up
10. Todd Rundgren--I Went to the Mirror


susan said...

It's still an excellent selection no matter the order and your memory I'd trust before many others :-)

Ben said...

I appreciate that. And it was a fun one to compile.