Friday, January 1, 2010

If you lived here you'd be in the future by now

Above is designer John Berkey's futuristic view of--apparently--Berkeley, California. Could do worse, I guess, than a complex of sports stadiums grafted onto the Sydney Opera House. I'm sure there's some dystopia going on here, or else getting the designer of the Death Star was kind of a waste. But it looks good, and traffic seems to be a little more flexible.


susan said...

We'd both prefer a Ratchet & Clank future. You can join us if you like :-)

ps - Have you considered a space heater?

pps - Happy New Year! Yeah, I know..

Ben said...

Ratchet and clank: when tools get big again. Not in a naughty way, though.

I think my place has reached a nice equilibrium, temperature wise. I might consider one in the future, if things get bad.

Ben said...

And Happy New Year to you as well, of course.