Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Blogging has most definitely been light of late. After a rainy June and early July where the mercury didn't rise that much, we're definitely in the thick of summer now. It's more a time for erratic sleep patterns more than for writing.

Thought this was worth looking at/listening to, though. I've been checking out online some of the bands from the Boston Phoenix's survey of the best new bands in each of the fifty states and DC. This is Finn Riggins, who hail from Ezra Pound's hometown of Haily, Idaho. All their stuff sounds cool, and I can't think of who they remind me of. Which points to some level of originality.

Wonder what the weather is like in Hailey, Idaho.


susan said...

Not that I expect it's any comfort but it's hot here too. As for the band, they remind me of... I can't think of anybody yet but I'll listen again and let you know.

Ben said...

That tip of the tongue (or brain) sensation? Boy do I know that. Anyway, it's been a little more comfortable today.