Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Abandoned shop

Went downtown today and saw it. A sign in the window saying "The Arcade is officially closed." How did they screw that up? I remember when I was a kid--hell, even in my last year of college--it was a thriving little indoor neighborhood. And that was before Providence as a whole got its vaunted development boom.

In truth, I think selling it to Johnson and Wales University was a bad move. The school never got that even though the building was now their private property, the public were a necessary part of its success. And the city didn't/doesn't seem to recognize its value at all.


susan said...

The oldest indoor shopping center in the US gone without a whimper of protest from anyone? It was a cool place that I remember very fondly so I hope although it's closed that will only be another temporary state in its continuity.

Ben said...

Well, I can't imagine the building being torn down, and it's almost certainly a registered historical landmark. When someone will have an idea to actually put it to use though, I don't know. It needs to be more than just a holding.