Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What indeed?

I just learned about this song recently.

As the graphic on this not-quite-video clip shows, there does seem to be some Syd Barrett/early Floyd influence. John never flipped for real the way Syd did, but there must have been times he felt like he was.

This song was apparently dropped from the White Album at the last minute. My guess is that he pushed his vote to the limit getting "Revolution 9" on and couldn't swing this one as well. Did they make the right call? I could see an argument either way.


susan said...

This one doesn't appear to have been influenced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.. It sounds more chemical than lyrical but I liked the background piece at the end. Overall, Revolution #9 was the better choice.

Ben said...

The thing that's great about Revolution #9 is that it leads straight into Ringo crooning on "Good Night." That's just such a what-the-fuck whiplash, and it's got John written all over it. Still, I have to wonder why this one didn't see the light of day at all until they were putting together Anthology.