Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's make a deal

I've written before about Southland Tales, a movie I'll champion any day of the week. Sony should probably think about leasing it out for midnight shows at least. With Fringe offering both parallel universes and straight-faced absurdity to a willing public, maybe some more groundwork has been done.

Anyway, director Richard Kelly is talking about his yet unreleased movie The Box, which I think is supposed to be out in the fall. What can I say? I hope it's good, and it should be of interest. Richard Matheson wrote some spooky stories, only a few of which made it onto The Twilight Zone. This one was adapted on the 80's version, but I'm curious to see how it plays out at feature length.

Also I hear there are a lot of seventies cars in it. Gremlin fans take note.


susan said...

We do like watching movies on the weekends and never find time to spend an hour looking for a couple in the only video rental/store places we have the stomach to attend. There have been some worth renting that we can download through the Play Station 3 but not many. Anyhow, a few weeks ago I signed up for Netflix and now both DD and ST are in the queue. We saw DD once before but may as well see them in order.

When you said 'Gremlin fans' I thought you meant the movie - still a favorite :-)

Ben said...

I remember Gremlins having a pretty funny sequel as well. They just threw in every goofy thing that struck their fancy, but it worked.

susan said...

I could have sworn there was a new post up here earlier but when I came by to read in peace just now it wasn't here. Am I imagining things?

and yes, Gremlins II was hilarious :-)