Thursday, November 27, 2008

Meet your maker

My friend has this. The free version, anyway. His bright 8 year old son gave me a tour of it, then Ron refreshed me on a few points. I wound up creating this green & pink creature with long limbs, hands for feet, and eyestalks. A self-portrait, basically. I tend to doubt many of the creatures created on Spore would do well in the three dimensional universe. But until they give home computers the power of spontaneous matter creation, it's a moot point.


susan said...

If the Spore creatures are any indication of what live beings a computer would produce I'm very glad they can't. Here's a story I found last week about IBM having big plans for cat brains . Wouldn't a dog brain have been a better idea?

Ben said...

Modeling computers on cat brains? Tney must be looking for a more efficient way to destroy upholstery.

Anonymous said...

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