Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just being herselves

This is a treat gathered from a little surfing, and a mention on TVTropes.

It's the first episode of a British kid's show from the early 60's called Sara and Hoppity. Beautiful work with the puppets, more expressive than realistic. Really, considering how many Doctor Who episodes from later in the decade were destroyed by the BBC, it's amazing this still even exists.

If this isn't too heavy, I think Hoppity does serve as part of the girl's psyche. An inner force that is often unwise and sometimes destructive, but also keeps things unpredictable. The father seems to be more understanding of this inner need than the mother. Note that Sarah grudgingly agrees to nourish her personal demon/daemon.

Well, that's my tuppence at least.


susan said...

Why can't I imagine this being a hit on Nickelodeon? You're right about it having some passing strange inferences.

Ben said...

Well, Nickelodeon at 1:30AM maybe. But I think they rent out those timeslots to infomercials.