Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Notes on hygiene

Okay boys and girs, and especially pc users. Know that there are a lot of creepy bugs out there, bugs that can attach themselves to your computer. Know that they may not only slow down your OS, but that they can spit out a bunch of nasty popups that distract you from whatever else you're trying to do. Now, they call it malware for a reason. Whatever these parasites might be advertising, the real reason they exist is malice. Compromising your desktop or laptop is reward enough, apparently.

Now, there are programs that can help you clean the gunk out. I myself have Spyhunter loaded. But there's something you need to know. These spyware removal programs? You need to start your computer in safe mode for them to really take effect. Otherwise you may as well try to floss while you're still eating.

In normal mode, you round up and supposedly eliminate 30 bugs or so, but the popups continue unabated. Run the program in safe mode, and you nab something like 80 or 90. When you restart in normal mode, you may still get the popups. Keep plugging, and eventually you'll get them.

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