Thursday, April 17, 2008

Little victories

Okay, so blogging has been a little on the light side recently. But it's not like I have nothing to show for my time. Herewith, two small but sweet accomplishments I can claim.

1. Sometimes a little behind the curve, I just recently found out about that thing where you can put quotation marks around a set of words and narrow down where you heard particular phrase, sentence, etc. For some time i've had this Ned's Atomic Dustbin song intermittently playing in my head. (I won't be too hurt if you laugh.) I was pretty sure it was by them, and that it was called "Desire." But on those terms I was never even able to find proof the song existed. Well, turns out that the song is by NAD, but it's called "Grey Cell Green." Weird title, but I can live with it.

2. Also, I've recently started making pasta sauce from scratch. Well, I'm not growing and pulping the tomatoes myself. But I've found that with the right kind of canned tomatoes, combined with mushrooms and a few other things, I can make something decent. Also it doesn't weigh down the noodles as much when I take in leftovers for lunch.

As far as adding the dried pumpkin seeds, the world might not be ready.

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