Sunday, December 30, 2007


"Amandla", meaning "power", was a rallying cry against apartheid, as well as one of Miles' later albums. Amandla is also a character kicking the Jonathan Lethem/Farel Dalrymple Omega the Unknown series.

Previously I was reserved in my praise for this ten-issue thang, but it's only getting better. Part of the reason is the above-mentioned Amandla. She's young Alexander Island's only friend at Sammy Sosa High School, which has a pretty tough crowd. She's tutoring him in street life, for example advising him to keep his money in a sock. Ah New York, and the deglammed setting and characters are beautifully suited to Dalrymple's art.

And the Mink, a corporate super "hero" straight from the nightmares of Ben Edlund, is getting worse. Which is good.

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susan said...

you make me wish I liked comics..

and happy new year :-)