Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project project

I'm wondering what kind of glue would best hold tinfoil to wood or plywood. Could be useful info for something I plan to do around the homestead. Yea, this could be a fun chore.


susan said...

I didn't know either so I checked it out. Aluminum tape is available for very reasonable prices in auto parts stores and air conditioning supplies/repairs places, in 2" and 3" widths for about $10 or you can buy aluminum foil (the heavyweight kind) and use Scotch brand "Super 77" spray adhesive - a stable, transparent acrylic based material that's intended to permanently attach foils to all sorts of stuff including wood. Once it dries you can protect the metallic look by spraying with clear lacquer, or get a really whizzy look by spraying it with tinted, not opaque lacquer. Several coats with drying in between should look nice. If you don't paint it, it will eventually get dull gray like other weathered aluminum surfaces.

There. That's the result of my google search this evening :-)

Ben said...

Belated thanks for this one. The aluminum tape may be the ticket, since it won't require as much cutting.

I had a hypothesis, and it's been borne out so far. I'll address it again later.