Thursday, December 10, 2009

Item: Living Dennis Miller still not as funny as dead Bob Hope

Yes, I'm still alive. Anyway, this kind of thing always bugs.

My top three fascinating people — my top three fascinating people this year are Ayn Rand, because I think she’s at the front of an objectivist movement that’s coming in this country. It’s exhibited through No. 2 on my list, which is John Q. Public, as exhibited by these people at the tea party. And the No. 1 fascinating person to me, as it is every year, is the American man and woman in our military forces who afford us the opportunity to sit back here and have capricious endeavors like top 10 lists at the end of the year.

This sort of playing to the balcony "and God bless the troops" sentiment is the kind of thing that may seem classy to your pet rock. 98% of the time the intended message from the speaker is "Hey, check me out! I'm patriotic!" And "making the world safe for top ten lists" is as depressing a mission statement as I can think of.

I'm not sure if I qualify as "John Q Public." I don't intend to go to any tea parties unless and until I have a daughter with imaginary friends. If that makes me less fascinating, so be it.


susan said...

I read this article last night by Joe Bageant that I think you might like. He moved out of the US to Central America some years ago but he's still paying attention.

Sorry you don't have email right now (maybe you could try g-mail?) but I need to ask if you received a small package from us earlier in the fall? It contained a small (3x5") but powerful external hard drive compatible with your pc and our macs. Jerry had downloaded all our music and video files for you that included original BBC performances by the Bonzos. If you'd received it you should have seen Tubas in the Moonlight. If you didn't get it please let us know.

Ben said...

Oh wait. Yes I did. Sorry I'm a little groggy right now, but I believe on reflection I knows just what

Got your most recent package too, the Christmas one. Ta very much, and more on that later.

susan said...

Good :-)