Thursday, September 18, 2008

After the weird wipeout: Friday Random Ten

Strangely enough, my iTunes lost everything when I plugged in the 'pod last night. Managed to find the stuff I had purchased from the iTunes store and restore it, which is the important thing. The final upshot was that the housecleaning/rotating I had planned to do was a little quicker and more drastic than I had meant. Anyway, here's today's list.

1. The Stanley Brothers--Pretty Polly
2. The Beatles--Cry Baby Cry
3. Tricky--Christiansands*
4. Sonic Youth--Dirty Boots
5. Nellie McKay--Columbia is Bleeding
6. Beck--Chemtrails
7. Pink Grease--High Strung Chironi
8. The Fiery Furnaces--Chris Michaels
9. Roxy Music--Still Falls the Rain
10. Thelonious Monk--Humph

*Dare I ask how you even get a voice like that?

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