Friday, July 4, 2008

Grand Independence Day/Canada Day Friday Random Ten Blowout!

1. Arcade Fire--The Well and the Lighthouse
2. Gang of Four--Anthrax
3. Ry Cooder--Down in Hollywood
4. Beck--Nobody's Fault But My Own
5. Nellie McKay--Ding Dong
6. David Bowie--Stay
7. Blossom Dearie--Love is a Necessary Evil
8. Joni Mitchell--Twisted
9. Rufus Harley--The Monkey Driver
10. Broken Social Scene--7/4 (Shoreline)

So named because we start and end with Canadian bands. Although Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler and his brother Will are Texans. Not big fans of W., though.

Joni Mitchell is Canadian too, of course, even if she lived in New York or SoCal for much of her career.

Two or three of the artists above are British. So was Thomas Paine. Deal with it.

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