Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Become a proctologist, you'llnever go broke

Just need to vent here for a second.

Was at Borders tonight, in the cafe. Now, I'm trying to concentrate on something, but this guy is talking on his Bluetooth, loudly. He's having a very repetitive conversation with his girlfriend, who ir I read correctly between the lines is making sure his unemployed ass is fed and sheltered. But I don't really care about their relatiohship. I want peace and quiet, or failing that, a more interesting conversation to overhear. No such luck. Wherever I go, I'm still in earshot.

Why didn't I confront him? No one and nothing would have had my back. As far as I know cell phone etiquette just goes one way, favoring the user in most cases. But I definitely plan to lawschool myself on the subject.

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